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HOLI SOH08.                                                           91

| % VStigft 5TT 5*TT ^TT II  tt

O%              ^                                                  ^

^l!l 3^ TOT ft I

?! *        ftrft

"                                                   *

%mr                             3h

t r^ ^M       i
Jftr w?         I f! ^r %wiH m^t ss

lit        jt

March lit, oiL  Spend an hour or two in the afternoon as a spectator
of the Holz sports at the Gomsti-Knnd. Each of the sis J&t vilkges of th@
Benda P^l* has two or more chaupdu* which come up one after the other in a
long procession, stopping at short intervals on the way to dance in th manner
above described, but several at a time instead of in single pairs. One of the
performers executed a pas d$ s$ul mounted on a daf, or large timbrel, which wai
supported on the shoulders of four other men of his troupe. Bands of mummers
(or wdn@s) were also to be seen, one set attired as Mohammadan fakirs ; another
(ghdyalon kd swdng) as wounded warriors, painted with etreaks, as it were of
blood, and with sward-blades and daggers so bound on to their neck sad

/%4 i man'i dren.
1C   JdUor, in to niddte,

Bard, an ornament wozn by womea on the elbow.
I f ,   v*, to planet T-fnoi, ^Mcfa ia regarded u aospieiwis .

Ckdsn, the Mm u thi mo^e common ^atmaa
IS.   */orit lor tori.

t 4 elsj- pit
Aay BuMIriilnol tJli dm ii caliodsPJl, ud tot&wiiol Eoil !i ihd Mlii of om@
mli siiMirlilos, ffhloli it lEEOim M Hm Itete Fil.